Motivational Messages: The Words You Need To Hear

Motivational Messages for the New Year

Get ready for the jokes about having perfect vision, the jokes about seeing clearly, etc. because it is officially 2020! Many people have expressed their excitement about this year. After spending a week reading motivational messages from various novels, I woke up this morning feeling empowered. I have never felt so motivated and inspired for the year ahead as I have for 2020. Everyone seems to agree that this is a new chance to get off our butts and start DOING.

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I already published my self-reflection on 2019 and set my goals for 2020 back in November, which you can read in this blog post. Rather than reiterating my goals for the new year, I wanted to help YOU feel motivated and inspired to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. After listening to multiple podcasts, taking online webinars, and reading entrepreneurial novels, I feel like it would be selfish to keep all these motivational messages for myself. Everyone has different goals and different paths to success, but the wisdom and insight included below are words that will help you feel inspired to change your dream from "one day" to "today."


Motivation from Cara Alwill Leyba's Novel, Girl Code

I read this book over the holiday and want to start off the list of motivational messages with a few inspirational quotes from her book:

  • "We each have a unique path to walk in this life, and there is a reason mine is unfolding the way that it is ... Believe in divine timing, and know that what is meant for you will not pass you." - Cara Alwill Leyba in her novel, Girl Code

  • "If you have to convince someone to like or understand you - chances are they're not worthy of you in the first place." -Cara Alwill Leyba in her novel, Girl Code

  • You deserve to surround yourself with good people. "If you feel guilty about cutting someone loose, think about this: Do they feel guilty for treating you poorly?" - Cara Alwill Leyba in her novel, Girl Code

  • There will always be people who doubt you, but they don't have control over your success unless you let them. - Katie Willcox in her interview within Girl Code

  • "Want to know the quickest way to give up on all your dreams? Spend your time being jealous ... shift your envy into inspiration ... her success should prove to you only that it's totally possible." Cara Alwill Leyba in her novel, Girl Code

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Motivation to Be Confident in Yourself

  • There is no one else in this world that is exactly like you. Your emotions, your skillset and your knowledge are all uniquely crafted together to make it impossible for anyone else to be just like you. This originality is your best tool. So don't try to be like someone else. You won't succeed in being just like them. Spend your energy embracing who you are.

  • Once you realize that your uniqueness is a gift, learn that authenticity draws people in. In a world of Snapchat filters and Instagram aesthetics, people crave authenticity. Being real, raw, and genuine is the nicest gift you can give another person.

  • You have a unique story to tell, but parts of that story are relatable to more people than you think. You never know who's life you can touch by sharing your unique story.

  • Happiness is a choice. It is also like a muscle. You have to work on it daily in order for your happiness level to grow.

  • If you try to please everybody, you will please nobody. Find your tribe and focus on connecting with them. - Quigley on Julie Solomon's podcast series, The Influencer Podcast

  • Today is a gift. It is literally called the present! Focus on the gift of today and spend some time living in the moment.

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Motivation for Your Inner Entrepreneur

  • Identify something you love, something you could enjoy doing all day long, then find a way to make a business out of it. The best "job" you can have is one that doesn't seem like a job at all.

  • Someone else's success is not your failure. Be happy for the person who succeeded, learn from them, and keep working hard. Your time will come.

  • Have the courage to try something. Go after your dream. If you fail, learn something from it. As long as you fail forward, you are still closer to your dream that you were at the start.

  • In baseball, a "Hall of Famer" is a player who hits 30% of the balls thrown at them. You don't have to be successful 100% of the time to be considered successful. - Julie Solomon

  • If you focus on the positive, you will start to see the positive. This applies to how you see yourself, others, your business and the world around you.

  • If you don't get something you wanted (like landing an interview, getting the collaboration opportunity, or receiving a job offer), remember that you don't know the backstory behind the whole situation. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  • Don't waste time and energy focusing on things you cannot control.

  • Be aware of your weaknesses, but lean on and find power from your strengths.

  • When you feel lost or defeated, remember why you started this journey in the first place.

  • You have control over how you spend your time. Choose to spend your time working on things that will bring you closer to your goal. If something is not going to get you closer to your goal, you have a right to say "no."

  • No one knows your value better than you. Don't sell yourself short.

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Closing Thoughts

I hope these messages reminded you of your self-worth and your ability to become everything you aspire to be. As we move further into this new year, I encourage you to start a list (on your phone or in a journal) of the motivational messages that you read and hear. When you feel sluggish or unmotivated, revisit those words and remember why you started.

Thank you for reading this post and thank you for believing in me as much as I believe in myself! I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2020, including graduating college, joining the workforce, and continuing my side hustle of blogging. I am always so thankful for the community I have created through blogging and I appreciate each and every reader, subscriber, shopper, and follower. Happy New Year y'all!

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