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Home Decor + Tips for Renting an Apartment

Y'all loved my bedroom decor post last week, so today I am sharing more home decor! Below, I am sharing my living room and kitchen decor as well as tips on renting apartments. I also included questions that I wish I would have asked before renting my first apartment. So, without further delay, welcome to my home (again)!

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Living Room

Aka the place I binge watched Stranger Things and the Bachelorette! But really, I think this is my favorite spot in my apartment. Living spaces are such a free space for decorating because you can add wall art, house plants, end tables, chairs, couches, pillows, the list goes on and on! Below, I have linked the items I bought and included similar items for the pieces that are no longer available.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Couch, Pillows, and Artwork

We found this couch on Wayfair for a pretty affordable price and it was really easy to assemble! Pro-tip: Make sure to pay attention to the size of your apartment elevator, stairs, and entryway before purchasing a big couch. I love pillows with different patterns and textures, especially against a plain couch. For these canvases, I used the same method as my bedroom artwork, but before painting them, I drew long pencil lines across all the canvases and painted accordingly. This made them all look cohesive.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Side Table, Blankets, and Lighting

I don't think you can ever have too many blankets. My mom thinks you cannot have too many baskets. So here I am with a "blanket basket" for all my cold winter nights next semester. Apartments do not have much lighting, so I added this side table and lamp to add more reading light next to my couch.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

TV Hutch Trinkets

Rather than hanging our TV, we just set it on top of this wood hutch and used the shelves underneath as another spot to put pictures, books, and trinkets. I collected all of my shelf decor from Home Goods overtime.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Rug, Storage Cube, and Coffee Table

Storage cubes are great for hidden storage, but also as an additional seating option for guests. When I have my Bachelor watch-parties, we use the storage cube, the couch, and our desk chairs! We all gather around the TV and put our dinner plates on this adorable gold accented coffee table. It's truly a party!

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

House Plants and Woven Baskets

Plants help keep the air fresh and clean, and they make my space look a little more earthy. I loved my mom's idea of putting the plants in baskets instead of clay pots, because they add so much texture to the space. Make sure to put a clear plastic bowl/plate at the bottom of the basket before putting the plant inside. The plastic bowl will catch excess water when you water your plants.


Yes I have set off my smoke alarm trying to cook a new recipe, and yes I am still learning to master doing the dishes on a daily basis, but hey that's how it goes! I am so happy to have a kitchen again. I joke that my kitchen is my happy place, but it is true. If you read my blog post about how to de-stress, I talk about the calming effects of cooking. Below, I am sharing some items from my kitchen.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Barstools and Sink Items

These barstools are great for eating meals when we aren't watching TV. These white barstools are also adjustable, so you don't have to worry about making them fit the funky counter-height of some apartments.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Coffee Station

Coffee lovers, this is for you! This single serving Keurig is perfect for dorms or apartments. It only holds enough water for your one cup and it is so compact that it is great for tiny spaces. I found this jar at Target and thought it would make a great sugar jar. It comes in multiple sizes if you wanted to use 3 of them to store sugar, flour, and brown sugar on your counter!

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Wine and Cheese Necessities

I know wine racks are meant to store red wine, but I don't drink red, so we stock ours with Moscato and sparkling white wines. Also, can we take a moment to admire how cute all of these cheese boards are?!

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Serving Dishes

Last but not least, plates, bowls, and cups are a great way to tie your kitchen together. Go for a pop of color or some detailing with these. There are great options at Home Goods and I linked a few others for you to browse through.

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

Tips for Renting an Apartment

Shopping for your first apartment or home can be overwhelming! You have your ideal situation, but there is usually the limitations of budget, location, availability, and being on a time-crunch. I LOVE my apartment, but below are a few questions I wish I would have asked the landlords during the apartment search so that I could have eliminated some move-in day surprises.

What is the #1 complaint people have about living here?

  • Their answer can be very telling and can help you prepare for that issue or avoid it before it becomes a problem.

What is the noise level like from the street? Is it noisy at night?

  • I live on one of the top floors of my complex, but I still hear so much noise when I am trying to sleep because of the street down below. The windows are thin and it would have been good to know about the complex so that I could have picked a room that faced inward, rather than facing the street.

What is the process for guest parking or visitors?

  • I have friends that visit me and the parking for guests is very unclear. It would have been nice to know about guest parking before I moved in and realized there wasn't really any guest parking.

When was the last time there was a crime at the complex and what did the staff do to prevent that type of crime in the future?

  • Even if they are vague, this gives you a general idea of how safe the complex is and how proactive the staff is at keeping people safe!

What is the surrounding area like? Is there a lot of nightlife on this street?

  • Walk the area around the apartment complex and see if you feel safe. Even if the complex itself is super nice, you want to make sure that walking in and out of your future home feels safe as well!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the rest of my apartment and home decor. If you have any apartment renting tips you'd like to share, comment them below!

Thanks for reading!

home decor, blue and white apartment, apartment decor

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