Fall Activities in Dallas, TX

It's Fall Y'all!

Fall is in full swing and we even have a cold wave coming over North Texas! Cue the sweaters and over-the-knee boots. Fall is my favorite season. It is a time for cooler weather, spending time with family, its my birthday season, and the seasonal food is always delicious. Now that the weather is cooling off, there is more options for spending time outdoors. Before it heats up again, throw on a pair of booties and embrace the autumn season by visit the places included on my Fall Bucket List.

fall bucket list for dallas, tx

fall bucket list for dallas, tx

A few other suggestions for experiencing the fall season in Dallas...

Layer, layer, layer! It could be raining in the morning and sweltering by the afternoon. The best way to dress for fall in Dallas is to wear a fall colored camisole (orange, tan, black, red, dark green) with a light cardigan or jacket over it. Pair this with some jeans and neutral booties and you are set. When the heat is going strong, I like to wear fall colors minus the sweaters and thick layers. This dress is super light weight and screams "fall" because of the burnt orange color. Pair it with some booties or some white loafers when it's hot out. Then, throw on some over-the-knee boots when the weather cools down.

fall bucket list for dallas, tx

fall bucket list for dallas, tx

Now, let's talk food. Try these seasonal items that Dallas foodies love during October.

  • Rise No. 1 has a pumpkin soufflé right now. (Sorry friends, the soufflé isn't gluten-free).

  • Emporium Pies has pumpkin pie and you can buy whole gluten-free pies from their store.

  • Néktar has a pumpkin acaí bowl for Fall.

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes has a salted caramel cupcake.

  • True Food has a seasonal menu that includes gluten-free butternut squash pie.

I hope this list helps you enjoy fall as much as I do! If you have a favorite fall activity I missed, share it below. Thank you for reading.

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