Designer Dupes for a Girl on a Budget

Designer Dupes: Why I Love Them

Y'all loved my first post last Spring about designer dupes from some of my favorite stores, so I am providing some new items that I recently discovered. I made the same point in my last designer dupes post and I will make it again. Designer dupes are great for girls like myself who love designer trends but don't love the price tag. Of course we all love designer handbags, designer shoes, and designer jewelry, but not everyone can drop the money to own these items. I recently found some designer dupes online that can help girls like myself stay up to date on trends without hurting their wallet.

designer dupes for a girl on a budget

Designer Dupes I Still Use Almost Daily

I showed these items in my last post about designer dupes and they are still my go-to's today! I am sharing them again because they have held up so well and hardly faded or tarnished.



designer dupes for a girl on a budget

designer dupes for a girl on a budget

New Designer Dupes I Love

I only own a few of these so far but I have dug around online reviews and done some word of mouth research for ones I do not yet own. These are worth buying if you want to join trends but can't drop hundreds of dollars to do so.


Cross-Bodies, Totes, and Wallets

Clothing and Jewelry

designer dupes for a girl on a budget

designer dupes collage for a girl on a budget

Outfit Details

I would love to hear about your favorite fashion trend and if you have any dupes you are loving! Share with me below and I will repost your recommendations on my Instagram story (@simply_karna).

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