5 Tips For Blog-Worthy Photos

Taking pictures, posing for the camera, editing photos, they all require different skills that make it difficult to master the perfect blog worthy photo. Today, I am sharing my 5 tips for blog worthy photos. These tips will help you take pictures on your own, edit colors and lighting directly on your phone, and make you look like you have a blog-worthy set of photos.

1. Use a Tripod.

Don't have someone to take your picture all the time? A tripod allows you to take pictures of yourself all on your own, no selfie stick required. I got a tripod and iPhone attachment off of Amazon for less than $40 and it has worked wonders. You can adjust the height to give you different angles and make your pictures have variety. I set up my tripod and frame the photo with a desired background, then set the 10 second timer and pose. I repeat this process a few times to have multiple options for what picture I want to use. Below are a few examples of photos taken with my tripod.

This is the tripod and iPhone attachment I use and they have helped me immensely.

2. Utilize good lighting.

I take my photos with an iPhone X Plus and the camera is amazing. That being said, even this amazing camera can take blurry/grainy pictures in dull lighting. I recommend taking pictures in natural light for the best results. Good lighting also makes any filter you add to your photo look more natural and less grainy.

3. Edit with Lightroom CC.

This app is the free version of Lightroom that allows you to edit size, lighting, and other features of pictures in one app. Below is a screenshot of photos I have edited and saved within the app.

4. Buy a Lightroom Mobile Preset.

A preset filter allows you to edit each picture the same way on the Lightroom app, allowing random photos to suddenly look cohesive. No preset is going to look the exact same on every picture, but it gives you a starting point. From there, you can adjust the saturation and hues of colors, brighten your picture, and make the filter work for the lighting and colors featured in that picture. Here are some examples of photos after I applied my preset.

Don't get trciked into a super expensive preset, because regardless of the price, every preset is going to require you to adjust it for different pictures. My advice would be to decide if you want your photos to be warmer, cooler, pink, orange, or very bright and white. Once you decide on a desired look, shop for a preset that gives example pictures that display that some look you're going for. My mobile preset was off of Etsy for $7!

5. Mimic poses from other bloggers or Pinterest.

If you aren't comfortable in front of the camera of feel awkward posing, screenshot some poses or stances on Pinterest or on other blogs that you like. Practice the pose or pull up the picture before the next time you go to stand in front of the camera. This helped me a lot to learn some new poses, but also how to mix up the angles that I take my pictures from. I am constantly taking note of how I can create a great picture that makes me look comfortable in the frame, but also keeps each picture looking slightly different from the last. These are pictures where I mimicked poses I had seen from other bloggers.

I hope this post helps anyone looking to step up their picture game. I'd love to hear your advice for blog worthy photos. Comment below with your favorite editing app or photography trick below.

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