4 Places to Study in Dallas

+ 5 Tips to Study Better

Finals are stressful on their own. Add on the struggle of trying to find a quiet, non-distracting places to study and your stress is now spilling over. Below, I have put together some of the places I like to study, work, and write. These places are bright and open which keeps me awake. They also have free wifi and delicious coffee!

Dallas coffee shop, places to study in Dallas, tips for better studying

Dallas coffee shop, places to study in Dallas, tips for better studying

4 Places to Study in Dallas

Herb's House Coffee + Company

5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206

This is my current favorite place to study because of the quiet atmosphere and the layout. They have options to study near an outdoor fireplace, at small tables, on couches, or in private study spaces you can rent out ahead of time. I am able to focus much better after a change of scenery and Herb's allows me to do one assignment on the couch and change my setting for the next assignment. They have free wifi and complimentary fruit-infused water, plus a range of coffees and teas to purchase.

Royal Blue Grocery

1 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205

A bright atmosphere, plenty of snack options, and good coffee to keep you awake. Their shaded patio makes it a great place to study in Dallas on sunny days. Many people come here to socialize as well, so I'd suggest bringing some headphones and playing music at a medium volume to help you focus on your work. As a heads up, their wifi is not available to the public from noon - 2 pm because they want to encourage people to not be on their electronics during lunch. However, the rest of the day has free wifi.

Sip Stirr Coffee House

3800 McKinney Ave # 180, Dallas, TX 75204

This was the first coffee shop I found in Dallas and have spent many hours here sipping tea and typing frantically on my computer. They have delicious drinks and their space is bright during the day because of the natural light, which helps me to stay alert as I study. They have a couch area where people tend to meet and get chatty, so if you are like me and get distracted by people talking, I'd recommend sitting on the opposite side (which has a lot of outlets for charging your electronics).

La La Land Kind Cafe

5626 Bell Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

This is the newest coffee shop on the block. If you are tired of being hunched over your computer for hours on end inside your house with no fresh air, this is a great spot to sit outside. La La Land's shaded patio is the perfect place to sip on an iced drink. Keep in mind that fresh air does wonders to restart your brain after hours of studying indoors. Because this place is new, it is still very crowded on weekends, so be prepared to wait for a table. Fun fact: La La Land is all about serving up kindness to everyone who walks through its doors. Keeping with that motto, the owner hires foster kids in an effort to give back to Dallas and helps kids experience more support and kindness.

Dallas coffee shop, places to study in Dallas, tips for better studying

5 Tips to Study Better

Soundproof headphones

If you're like me, I cannot study with noise around me. Headphones that muffle the noise around you help so much with staying focused and they prevent you from zoning out as your mind picks up on conversations happening around you.

Create a study playlist

If the coffee shop's music is too distracting, create a Spotify playlist of piano music or songs that have no vocals. I always listen to a yoga meditation playlist because it is soft piano and isn't simply an instrumental version of my favorite songs, which would tempt my brain to start singing along in my head.

Set a timer and remove distractions

Put your phone on silent, turn your phone upside down, turn that Apple watch to "Do Not Disturb", close those extra internet tabs, and give yourself a set amount of time to study. I do much better at staying on task if I say to myself "Study for 20 minutes straight and then you can check Instagram for 5 minutes". By removing distractions, you will be able to focus and get the most out of the amount of time you have set aside to study.

Create mini goals to accomplish your big goal

A 20 page paper is daunting. One page? Not so bad. Rather than sitting down to write a 20 page paper or study a 15 page study guide, create mini goals so that your big task doesn't seem so scary. Breaking a large task into smaller tasks can help you feel like you are making progress. Once you complete a mini goal, give yourself a break and be proud of yourself for accomplishing another step.

Take effective study breaks

You will remember more if you give your brain occasional breaks to process what you have studied so far. Instead of just scrolling Instagram for 5 minutes as a break, get up and walk your street, make a smoothie, play with your dog for 10 minutes, stretch, do an ab workout, or anything that gets you off your bum and gives your eyes and brain a break. You will feel more refreshed by taking an effective break and your brain will be able to soak up more information by doing so.

Dallas coffee shop, places to study in Dallas, tips for better studying

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I wish y'all the best of luck with finishing your semester strong or finishing up a crazy work season. Comment below your favorite place to study or what study method works best for you.

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