A Look Back and a Step Forward

2018 has come to a close and I can honestly say this was my best year of life yet. I didn't have just one single event happen that made 2018 the best, but I had so many people come into my life, I took so many risks, and I said yes to so many adventures that I think about all the things 2018 brought me and I simply smile. I wanted to come onto the blog and take a look back at 2018 and also take a step forward into 2019 and put my goals and hopes in writing.

A Look Back

My 2018 motto was "Have a Little Faith" because I thought that if I could chill out enough and accept the fact that things work out how they are supposed to, I would have the best year yet. And that is EXACTLY what happened. Here are a few good things that came from my attempt to have faith and live life trusting that things will work out how they are supposed to.

1. I had two of my favorite people run home to Alpha Chi Omega on Bid Day in January. Seeing girls you love run home to your sorority house is honestly one of the happiest moments of a college girl's year.

2. I was so bold I even shocked myself. I invited myself over to hang out with the guy I liked on Valentine's Day and every day since I have thanked my lucky stars for my best adventure yet.

3. I took half of my summer break to study abroad in Oxford, England. The program was challenging and being away from home while so many things were changing back in California really forced me to have faith that things would work out. I learned so much about my own abilities and when I should push myself out of my comfort zone and when I shouldn't push myself over the edge.

4. I went to Arkansas for the first time to visit John and I said yes to trying so many new things. I drove a boat, went jet skiing, shot a rifle, went off-roading, and took a road trip to Dallas. This trip showed me how much fun you can have when you take yourself outside your element and allow yourself to learn new things and simply have a good time in the moment.

5. My family moved from Southern California to Texas. This was an emotional change because I loved my home in California and I loved the people and memories California granted me. However, since I left for college I have learned that loved ones will always find a way to reunite and that your home is simply where your people are. We have made so many amazing memories in Texas in the short time we have spent in our new home and I am so excited to see where the next phase of life in our new home takes us.

6. I turned 21 and celebrated with the most amazing people. This year has brought a lot of change regarding friendships, but my birthday celebration brought to light how many true and genuine people I have in my life that I am lucky to call friends.

7. I traveled to 5 different states over Christmas break to visit the people I love. First, I went to California to see family, along with friends that I call family at this point. I am so lucky to have family and friends that drop everything to see me and who encourage me in everything

I do.

Second, I traveled to Arkansas and Mississippi to see John. I was reminded again of how much good can come out of living in the moment. John flew me to Mississippi one afternoon and being in that plane with him and watching him nerd out over the plane and flying made me love him even more.

Next, I went back to Texas for Christmas and got to spend our first Christmas together in our Texas home.

Last but not least, I flew to Florida where I got to see more family and friends and dance the night away on New Year's Eve with the ones I love.

Looking back on the year, every big or small event, every good or bad thing that happened was meant to happen in order to shape me into the person I am now. 2018 was good to me, but it also taught me an important lesson that I will take with me into 2019.

A Step Forward

2018 taught me that the most rewarding experiences are those spent living in and focusing on the moment. There were so many instances when I would stress about something I had to do later in the day, something due next week, or something that happened a few days ago. Stressing about something that happened already or something that was happening in the future prevented me from enjoying the moment I was in currently. Because of this, my 2019 goal is to live in the moment and to not let the stress of the past or future ruin the opportunity for a beautiful and unforgettable moment in the now.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best in the start to our new year! Cheers to 2019!

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