My Favorite Food Spots in London

After exploring London for multiple weekends in a row, I compiled a list of some of the best spots ventured to for meals, snacks, and dessert. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or a healthy salad, there's somewhere you will love featured below.

Elan Cafe

Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or even just coffee and a slice of cake.

We tried the chocolate cherry cake (above) and the chocolate shortbread (below).


This chain restaurant has locations all over London, but don't let the status of a chain restaurant deter you. They have delicious and affordable Asian food. I got a broth bowl that was such a nice change from the typical meat and potatoes of the British cuisine.

Coppa Club

Located next to the Tower of London and along the Thames River, this restaurant serves a variety of foods with quite the view. They have clear, round, individual dining rooms on the outdoor patio, but if you want to dine in one of these, be prepared to book them months in advance! We made a reservation 24 hours ahead of time and sat inside, which had such a fun and bright atmosphere.

Borough Market

Imagine that Costco and the Farmer's Market had a baby. Serving as one of the oldest shops in London, this market features streets of pop of shops featuring more free samples than Costco, the freshly baked items of a Farmers Market, and an endless amount of options. Open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and with extended hours on Saturdays, this market is a great spot to fill your cravings for baked goods, roasted meat, cheese, ice cream, beer, anything! If you can name it, they probably have it. They also sell jarred items that are perfect to bring home or to buy as gifts.

There are endless baked goods at many different tents. They all offer samples too, so come hungry!

Tea is a staple for the British and their iced tea infused with lemon and mint did not disappoint.

More baked goods...

The jelly they sell tastes amazing and they have anything from basic strawberry jelly to apricot champagne jelly.

This is my favorite honey shop ever. I visited this shop two years ago and came back to the market just to sample every single honey again. They have honey from Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Britain. They all taste amazing.

Make sure to try a cookie the size of your head.

Fresh pressed juices and smoothies cover every corner of this market.

A dairy-free girl's largest temptation: fresh cheese shops.

If you're looking for something to bring home from the market that will travel well and last through the rest of your trip, check out the multitude of olive oil and balsamic shops in the market. They all have samples out with bread pieces and I haven't tried one I didn't like.


This spot is perfect for dinner after a ride on the London Eye. Located one block from the London Eye, this place is serving up true Italian pizza and pasta every evening. If you go soon and leave a review on Yelp, they will give you a free glass of wine!

Gail's Bakery

We stumbled on this bakery when every pub was packed with people trying to watch the World Cup. They have great, affordable breakfast items to take away, or do what we did and take it downstairs (it's air conditioned downstairs) and enjoy the cool and bright atmosphere.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London

Cute pictures AND good food. This bakery has been featured all over the internet for its adorable atmosphere, its watermelon ice cream, and its beautiful baked goods. Get there early in the morning, because it gets crowded.

They cut out the middle of a watermelon slice and fill it with watermelon sherbet. They also put chocolate "seeds" into the watermelon slice.

The baked goods are pricey but worth it for the pictures. How cute

are these?!

Feel free to indulge in macaroons of every flavor.

I tried to be healthy and got the salmon toast, which was amazing, but I also had envy of everyone who ordered cheese toasted breakfast sandwiches!

Make sure to take a picture on the patio in front of the flower wall. The seats are usually reserved, but if you get there early, no one is out there and you can snap a quick picture!

Peggy Porschen

If you're willing to wait for a seat or you can call ahead and make a reservation, this place only serves coffee, tea, and cake, but they are sure good at making beautiful cakes. The atmosphere is cute too!

I'm going to go get some food now that writing this has made my mouth water... but I hope you enjoyed reading about my food trip

of London!

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