Oxford Week 2

I am finally used to the time change and feel like I am on a normal sleep schedule. With that being said, I am still getting minimal sleep from all the fun activities we have been doing with the SMU program and on my own!

My second week at Univ did not feature many activities at Oxford other than class. We spent part of the week in London, which will be featured in an upcoming blog post. We also took a day trip to Windsor Castle and we visited the Cotswold Manner, which are both about an hour or so from Univ.

First and foremost, the food at Univ is blowing my mind and putting SMU to shame (sorry SMU but it truly doesn't compare). I think I've had more fresh croissants in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life. Yes, I know how much butter is in these, that's why they're so tasty.

The chef at Univ also whips up amazing desserts that you would expect to see at a high tea event. Featured below is a lemon custard that made me feel no remorse after eating the ENTIRE thing.

Aside from food, I got a special treat this week when my sisters and aunt stopped in Oxford for a hot sec to visit me on their way to London. I showed them as much of the city as I could in 45 minutes and tried to mention every building we passed where a scene from Harry Potter was filmed. Biiiig Harry Potter fans right here!

I took a half day to visit Windsor Castle with my class, and I am in love with the castle. They are very strict about not taking pictures inside the castle, but I can at least show y'all some of the beautiful exterior.

This is the Queen's "vacation home" where she spends some holidays and weekends. This castle is still in function as a residency while also being a fully functioning museum. I don't know if I would want people constantly touring my house while I lived there, but given the size of the castle, I don't think the Queen notices. I'd also allow tours of my home if I got a crown the size of hers, or any crown for that matter!

This was actually my second visit to Windsor Castle, so I had to include a picture (below) from my first visit to show that I have looked the exact same my entire life!

My last highlight from this past week was our visit to Kelmscott to see the Cotswold Village and the Kelmscott Manor, home of William Morris, his wife, and two daughters.

He was an architect known for his unique patterns on textiles, quilts, and many fabrics. His home features wonky staircases, beautiful ceilings, and a lot of his work, which, if you look closely, is all hand-painted designs. No printed wallpaper here people!

Outside the home is beautiful garden and wandering paths.

They also have an adorable gift shop and cafe. They have super cheap afternoon tea, scones, and delicious ice cream!

Thank you for staying up to date with my latest adventures. England is treating me well, but I also can't wait to come back to the good old USA and see everyone I love! See you in 30 days America.

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