Oxford Week 1

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been crazy busy between finals at SMU, going back to California for part of summer, and flying over the pond to Univ, Oxford to study abroad! Below, I tried to recap my first week at Oxford and do my best to mention what is in the pictures that I chose to highlight. I plan to post weekly with posts about my experience studying abroad and my experience in Oxford, so stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

University College, Oxford

This school has been here for hundred of years and is my home for the next month! We brought the Texas heat here because it has been sunny and in the high 80s

every day.

We did a two hour walking tour of the city of Oxford where we saw multiple college campuses and beautiful buildings that featured some of the filming spots of Harry Potter!

Hetford Bridge aka "Bridge of Sighs" joins two parts of Hetford College Hertford College over New College Lane

River Charwell

Smelly but very pretty. You can rent a boat and cruise down the river. My suggestion is to buy some ice cream on the street and enjoy some ice cream on the boat.

Lincoln College

Bodleian Library Complex

Bodleian Library Complex

Radcliffe Camera at the Bodleian Library

Bodleian Library Complex

Bodleian Library Complex

Bodleian Library Complex

We took a morning trip to the Blenheim Palace, located just outside of Oxford in Woodstock. This Palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and many Dukes and Duchesses.

The outside of the Palace. Just imagining this being your house... casual, right?

The ceiling in the dining room where the entire family dines together every Christmas Day.

The ceiling of the Palace's library collection.

Ceiling, above, that leads from the library to a massive Organ, featured below.

Statue of Queen Ann in the library room. Fun fact, she appears tall and rather slender here, but in reality she was 4'10 and 280 pounds!

We went to the "backyard" of the Palace which featured massive hedges, fountains, a waterfront view, trails to multiple gardens and ducks waddling every where!

We only had time to visit one of the many gardens, but the Rose Garden got high reviews in my book. With color coordinated areas of roses, this garden smelled like my next perfume purchase.

If you want to keep up with me daily, head to my Instagram, @Simply_Karna, and watch my stories. To see my trip from start to finish, check out my story highlights on my profile. You'll see complete stories for Oxford, London, and all the other places I'm traveling to in the next month!

Cheers to Oxford and to studying abroad!

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