Having A Little Faith in 2018

New Year's Eve in my family always consists of sitting around the dinner table, discussing what our New Year's resolutions will be for the year to come. Every year, we all come up with a few resolutions that are pretty reasonable, and a few that might be a long shot, but are still possible if we stick with them. So, I wanted to share my resolutions, but this year, I am trying to make things simple by making all of my resolutions follow one theme: relax, smile, and have a little faith.

2017 was challenging academically, and brought a lot of stress, so for 2018, my goal is to have faith that if I do my best, things will work out. God always has a plan. It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of life, but I know that I personally need to practice having a little faith that everything will work out, and enjoy the stage of life that I am in, rather than worrying so much about how everything will work out.

When things would become challenging with another person, I would tend to get into the mentality of bracing myself for the worst case scenario, but all that ever did was stress me out and make me worry about things that never came true! That is why, in 2018, I am going to do my best to have faith in the fact that things will work out, and if the situation does not work out, that there might be something better ahead that I just do not know of yet.

Lastly, I know that 2018 is going to be a busy year filled with responsibilities from every category of my life, but my goal in the upcoming year is to take things one step at a time. When I feel overwhelmed, I will remind myself of the times in 2017 when I felt overwhelmed and did not know what to do other than to try my best, and things worked out, despite my lack of confidence in my abilities.

In 2018, I am going to stay confident, knowing that every class, every club I am involved in, every experience I encounter, will be much more enjoyable if I can relax and have faith that things will be okay and things will work out in the grand scheme of things.

Special thanks to Juliette Rose Photography for the amazing pictures!

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