Shoutout to my Sisters

Today, I wanted to take some time to appreciate sisters, whether that be blood related, friends you refer to as sisters, or sorority sisters.

I'm 19 and my twin sisters are 17 years old. It is impossible to reflect on my childhood and all the good times without picturing them right there next to me. I can remember us filming super dorky home videos, lip syncing to Lizzie McGuire (such a throwback), and training our dog to run up our play-set and slide down the slide. They have always been by my side and supported me through everything I have ever done.

Flash forward to college where I am an Alpha Chi Omega and living with 29 other sisters in one house. It's crazy and it's sometimes stressful due to a lack of sleep, but I have learned how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing, genuine women that have my back no matter what. I miss my twin sisters everyday, but Alpha Chi's make it a little easier to await my sisters' next visit.

After living with my younger sisters for my entire childhood, and now living in a house full of sorority sisters, I have realized how lucky I was for God to give me 2 blood related sisters and about 150 sorority sisters. Being surrounded by a sister's unending love for the last 19 years has made me into the person I am, constantly knowing that I have my younger sisters looking up to me, and I have older sisters that rely on me.

I am so thankful for all the sisters in my life and I want everyone to feel appreciated, become some people just don't realize how loved they are. If you read this and thought of any sisters in your life, tag them below!

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