Back to School Bags and What's Inside Mine

Summer has almost ended and whether we like it or not, school is upon us. Even if classes are not your jam, we can all get excited about seeing friends, meeting new people, and the new school supplies you get to put to use! I linked some of my favorite bags and backpacks below that are perfect for different occasions and different types of weather. Click the pictures for links to where I got them. Also take a peek at what I keep in my bag for a long day of classes at SMU.

Madewell Leather Bag (with stamped initials)

Find this leather bag at Madewell and enjoy it for years to come. I got mine stamped with my initials between the straps and added a keychain to make it personalized. These come in multiple colors and are great for fitting your computer, jacket, textbook, water bottle, and other school related items all in one bag. I have the "Transport Tote" which is the perfect size for my needs, but it also comes in smaller and larger option.

Simple Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

This bag has all the space you need without looking overly stuffed, and the front pocket gives you easy access to any smaller items like your phone, chapstick, pencils, etc. This baby pink is my favorite color right now (if you haven't noticed!) and its the perfect shade of pink that will make any outfit instantly more chic. Shop this soon because it's currently 25% off at Urban Outfitters!

FJÄLLRÄVEN Waterproof Backpack

This spacious bag can be carried as a backpack or by the handles for more of a purse style. This is a great bag for schools located in areas with sporadic rain so you can protect your computer and any other belongings while still looking cute. This bag comes in a million colors and can be found at Nordstrom.

What's In My Bag

I always include whatever textbook & notebook I need, my computer (and charger), writing utensils, a water bottle, glasses/sunglasses, a bar or type of snack, headphones, & some emergency toiletries.

I am more encouraged to take notes when my notebook is cute and bright, so I snagged these adorable notebooks from TJ Maxx for $5-$10 each.

I always keep my Hydroflask handy so I have access to cold water all day. I'm also the type that gets hungry in class so I always keep an RXBAR handy. These are made of such good and pure ingredients so I don't feel guilty snacking on them! I also always keep a pen, pencil, and some colored highlighter or sharpies in my bag to add some detail to my notes when I need to.

I always keep some emergency toiletries in my bag incase I need to reapply deodorant, perfume, etc. From left to right, I always keep the following items handy...

1. Deodrorant

2. Mints

3. CO Bigalow Hand Lotion

4. Kate Spade Roll On Perfume

5. Scrunchie or Hair tie

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

7. Lavender Essential Oil

8. Sweet Pea Hand Sanitizer

9. Oil Blotters for those shiny days

And there you have it, some adorable bags (modeled by my amazing sisters Lauren and Kelley) and my choices on exactly how to fill your bag for class. Good luck in school to those who's summers are ending soon, study hard and enjoy the good company of great friends.

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