Simple Ways to Brighten Your Bedroom

Hey ya'll! I came home from SMU for summer and was welcomed to a newly designed bedroom! My room was styled by NicoleLaurenDesign and she did a beautiful job. I wanted to share some of the simple changes she made to update my room that instantly made it look brighter and more open.

Unlike white jeans, white walls are allowed all year long! I used to have a pink accent wall and three white walls, but painting all four walls the same white instantly opened up the room and made it seem larger.

We switched my color scheme from pink and navy blue, to light pink, grey and gold. Nicole added a light, patterned bedspread to keep the room looking open, but not too plain. The pillows added some texture as well as a pop of color against the plain walls. She also painted my wooden monogram gray instead of navy blue to stand out against the wall and to now match the color scheme.

I stuck to a lot of white and gold accents, and Nicole added some adorable pineapples at various parts of my room because I have a weird obsession with this fun fruit.

I kept my white curtains from my previous room design, as well as my white and gold lamp. Nicole added this pineapple that opens to hold anything you'd like at your bedside table. I also brought home the Alpha Chi Omega painted canvas that my AXO big sister gave me. It matched the room so I just had to display it.

Nicole got me a clear jewelry organizer to display all my adorable bracelets and necklaces. The clear aspect to it ensures that it doesn't take away from the color scheme, and leaves the focus on the jewelry pieces themselves. She added a potted plant as well because plants help to make the room look more fresh and lived in.

We kept my guitars hanging on the wall to display rather than keeping them tucked away in a case. These are a great piece of functional decor, and create a statement for people to start conversation about when people walk into your room.

My desk area draws the eye up the wall and makes good use of the high, slanted ceiling. Nicole stained the shelves a grayish wood color, and spray painted the shelf brackets gold, making them stand out against the white walls. She also spray painted my chair gray, and recovered the seat with a gray and white patterned fabric.

Nicole kept the shelving simple and added personal touches on each shelf. I added some polaroids and hung an Alpha Chi wooded heart underneath the lowest shelf so they are at eye level when sitting at my desk. She added some personal pictures (along with the framed gold pineapple printout), another plant, some books, and some classic initials to vary the size of the decor on the shelves.

On top of my desk, I kept it simple with a white, gold, and clear lamp, a candle, and an adorable succulent jar made by Nicole. This decor made my desk look clean and crisp but not empty.

This S and mini pineapple decor deserved a close up. These go perfectly together and the white and gold really stand out against the wood shelves.

Adding a little bit of white goes a long way, and sticking strictly to a color scheme is well worth it in the end! NicoleLaurenDesign did an amazing job listening to what I wanted to update about my room and made my room beyond picture worthy.

In summary, if you want to make some simple updates to freshen up your room...

1. Choose a lighter color scheme

2. White brightens a room immediately

3. Keep personal items on display, but organize them neatly

4. Know what to leave plain, like the walls

5. Know where to add some fun, like with the pillows or a rug

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