Mom's Weekend in DTX

As a member of Alpha Chi Omega's Iota Sigma Chapter at SMU, I got to show my mom around Dallas for our Mom's weekend which featured Alpha Chi Couture, visits to White Rock Lake, food, and more food... because what else would a college student ask for after months of eating in the dining hall??

Our Friday night began at The Porch where we at so much food we had to pass on their infamous butter cake due to fear that my stomach might explode. Mom ordered Gluten Free Butternut Squash soup and the Smoked Portabella Carbonara which included Spagetti Squash, Egg Yolk, Arugula, and Pepitas. I ordered the House Made Salmon Burger which featured Arugula, Avocado, Pickles, Dill Aioli. If any of ya'll are ever in Dallas, this place should be on your list.

We then headed to the other side of Dallas to watch Alpha Chi Couture, a fashion show put on by Alpha Chi Omega to support survivors of domestic violence including the women and children of Women's Genesis Shelter. We successfully raised $120,000 for the survivors of Domestic Violence. Although I've walked the runway, this was my first time seeing a fashion show as part of the audience.

After a successful night of introducing my mom to all my friends in Alpha Chi, I showed her a classic late night dine here in Dallas known as Cafe Brazil. Given that it was midnight and I was hungry, I forgot to take a picture before chowing down on my pancakes...

Since I had already gotten enough pancakes in one 24 hour span, we walked across from SMU to The Front Room, a restaurant with architectural lights, modern artwork, and a wall of glass mirrors. Connected to The Lumen Hotel, The Front Room sees many more hungry customers than just the hotel's residents. We built our own omelets featuring avocado, feta cheese, spinach and chicken.

After shopping at Northpark Mall and Mom loving the chance to spoil me for the weekend with anything I needed for school, we headed to The Rustic for an Alpha Chi Mom's Weekend Lunch featuring live music, many picture worthy spots, and great drinks. *In Texas, your parent can legally order a drink for you at a restaurant as long as they stay within 5 feet of you while you drink it.* Another reason to say "God Bless Texas"

That afternoon I took my mom to the 'Grocery Store of all Groceries Stores': Central Market. I would say it's as if Whole Foods and Costco had the perfect baby. We both agreed that this is the place to find that random chile from South America that no one has ever heard of. You know when Ina from Barefoot Contessa says "Then you add (insert type of apple you've never heard of) which can be found in specialized stores... or if those aren't available you can just substitute any type of apple." This market has all those random ingredients that will make you feel ready to start your own Food Network show.

Once we were ready to eat dinner (yes, I know, all we seemed to do was eat), we sat down at HG Supply Co. which features an amazing rooftop bar that overlooks the Dallas Skyline. I recommend the bowls and any of their drinks. Really you can't go wrong, everything they serve is good. We chose the Yellow Curry Bowl with Salmon and the Zucchini 'Pasta' with Salmon.

We made sure to stop across the street at JOY and get ourselves a box of macaroons which were not needed, but much enjoyed.

Sunday morning we visited what I would call a "high end diner" called BuzzBrews. Really good food and great for Sundays after church. We visited Trader Joe's and stalked up on groceries for my room, then explored Dallas and admired the adorable houses as we drove by. For a very late lunch, we met up with my sorority big sister and her mother and Henry's Majestic. I was still fairly full from breakfast so I got the avocado toast. The picture below says it all...

To burn off our lunch, we took bikes out to White Rock Lake and rode around. We saw beautiful bridges, grass fields, and sleeping geese, which ended up waking up and making us wait for them ALL to cross the path before we could resume our bike riding. Of course mom made us stop for a picture to finish off the day.

After a fun filled weekend it is sad to think that school has resumed, but I'm so thankful to know I have a loving family that is willing and able to fly to a different city to spend just a few days with me. See you back in California for Spring Break Momma!

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