Take Me to Laguna Beach Please

With Winter Break coming to a close, it was silently understood that one last breakfast in Laguna Beach must be served. Naturally, we went to Urth Caffé, which has a menu so full of delicious choices that you could actually order the first menu item you read and be licking your plate clean 20 minutes later. Exhibit A...

My personal favorite includes the Chicken Pesto sandwich (featured above) and the Green Tea Latte (which they always finish off with Snapchat worthy foam designs). I recommend going here on a sunny morning and sitting on the patio where the ocean peaks through behind the art museum building. Week days are best due to it being less crowded, unless you have a lot more patience than the average Joe and love waiting in a long line to order. Don't worry if the weather isn't up to par. I have eaten at Urth Caffé on a rainy day under the heaters, and my experience was not dampened one bit.

Each time I visit, I debate whether I should get a green tea latte to go, and every time I don't, I end up wishing I did... typical right? Known for their organic coffees and fine teas, one can truly not go wrong with drink choices here. Not being a coffee drinker myself, I still enjoy their mochas and blended coffee (although the whipped cream might add to my liking of them).

With every venture into Laguna, I have to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road and not on the ocean as I venture back home. If you have not been to Laguna Beach, California, I highly recommend taking a stop if you're even remotely close by. It took moving away for college for me to realize how speechless this area can make me. Rain or shine, the beaches in Southern California never fail to leave me wide eyed every time.

Simply happy

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